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September 22, 2014: The 27th Annual Chinggis Khan Ceremony will be held on November 8th, 2014 in Princeton, NJ. A preliminary announcement can be found here. Additional details will be posted soon. Initial reservations can be made by emailing us your name and the number of people in your party. Donations can be made here.


June 16, 2014: The June 2014 issue of the eTolbo has been published. A special thank you again to our reader Khishigsuren Vaughn for her second contribution to our online newsletter. Also, a set of PowerPoint slides taking a look back at MACA founder Gombojab Hangin's life 25 years after his passing has been added to the MACA Founders page.


March 26, 2014: The web version of the form to sign up for the Chinggis Khan Memorial Foundation is now available. Information about the foundation can be found here.


February 25, 2014: A special announcement from MACA, requesting support and volunteers to join the new Chinggis Khaan Memorial Foundation. More information can be found here. Web version of the form to come soon.


January 5, 2014: Happy New Year! The January 2014 edition of the eTolbo is now up. A special thank you to our reader Khishigsuren Vaughn for her contributions to this month's publication. A Holiday Greetings and Annual Summary of MACA Activities letter from MACA President Sanj Altan is also included.

Additionally, some photos from the 26th Annual Chinggis Khan Ceremony have been uploaded to the Chinggis Khan Ceremony Gallery.


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